3 thoughts on “Cucky Ducky”

  1. Hi Kate,

    Bob Milligan forwarded me your Cucky Ducky composition and I thought you may be interested in some feedback.

    Cucky Ducky sounded to me as though it could be the theme tune for a detective tv show such as Poirot or Midsummer Murders. For me it suggested mystery with a touch of urbane humour. I found the piece enjoyable throughout because there was enough variety to hold my attention. However,not too sure about the title, although instantly memorable, maybe a bit too girly from a male perspective


  2. It would be interesting to hear it slightly slower (maybe 10-15 bpm slower) but without the drum track…. a bit more light orchestral then

  3. A pleasant and rather fun piece to listen to, and I’m sure at one point I heard a kookaburra as well as the cuckoo. Good variety of instruments, and a nice, dancing-along rhythm. .

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