4 thoughts on “Kate5”

  1. Really great Kate! Loved the jolly jazz and appropriately coordinated (and excellent) picture show. Reminded me of the old peep shows on the seaside piers!

    Keep on trucking..

  2. Absolutely brilliant. Brilliant co-ordination. Great effects. Have you thought of sending it to the Fringe organisers?
    Well done
    Paul xx

  3. I Loved it. It lifted my spirits enormously, as for the visuals – they are wonderful and integral to the music. Your musical talents are on a par with your photographic brilliance. I shall visit and listen more. Roy Romsey

  4. Genius. Just listening to tune while doing computer-type stuff, and its a great jazzy tune with a superb bit of sax playing, some great descending bits on keyboards, and a nice quirky ending. Brill 🙂

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