Do It For You

December 20, 2013 in Kate's compositions

A luvy duvy tune featuring the wonderful guitar of Adam White who coped well with my interesting (don’t know what on earth I’m doing) style of directing.

Not My Problem

December 6, 2013 in Kate's compositions

A tune to dance to at last…

Big thanks to the beautiful Chantee Rensburg for her gorgeous voice.  Wish I was better at producing!

He Fills My Soul

October 15, 2013 in Kate's compositions


My first choral work (more of a first draft really as there is more to do here). BIG thanks to my choir – Linda ‘Top Sop’ Stafford, Ben Rowe, Grahame Goodyer and the RAODS gang: Wayne Ings, Nick Vaughan and Carol Lilley . Thanks also to Dr Peter Wilson at Solent Uni for letting me borrow his wonderful students Katie Morton and Faye ‘Gospel’ Lyness. Also Terry P-M for forgiving me when I forgot our lunch date (was rather absorbed in it for a while).


October 2, 2013 in Kate's compositions

Brubecky jazz and a bit of fun at the Edinburgh Fringe. Wonderful sax sound = Mr Smith


August 21, 2013 in Kate's compositions

A rock groove with a little bit of Sitar Masala. First time in pro studio and BIG thanks to Ollie and Gareth at Riverside Studios in Southampton for auto tuning my voice. Hoping for a remix with a good singer (know anyone)?

Walk Down That Road

May 5, 2013 in Kate's compositions

Blues Rock.

Many thanks to Bob Arnold for his guitar solo , Simon Newton for rhythm guitar and the fabulous Layla Stephen  for her astounding voice.


March 4, 2013 in Kate's compositions

Swing Jazz.


November 23, 2012 in Kate's compositions

It started out Baroque but I like the drums so – a hybrid.

No Message

November 23, 2012 in Kate's compositions

My first attempt at Reggae.  Thanks to Mr Pitch Shift for his contribution.

Where ya bin boy?  Ya know my number!


October 14, 2012 in Kate's compositions

It started out folky but after listening to some James Bond music it seemed to go that way a bit…. Thank you for your voice Louise Quinlan and for your bass solo Peter Shead.